ADHI has always been consistent in its efforts to evolve into a sustainable business concern, by continuously enhancing its business performance and operations, in line with the Company’s Vision, Mission and Business Objectives.

ADHI continues to improve its sustainability reporting quality, as ADHI is fully committed to the transparency principles that meet the interest of all stakeholders, both internal and external. With respect to the guidelines of GRI 3.1, which have recently been upgraded to GRI 4.1, ADHI has incorporated more information as warranred by the GRI guidlines to its Sustainability Report for 2013 than those of the previous year.

Last but not least, it has to be said that this report is an integral the 2013 ADHI Annual Report, and as such, a number of repetitive disclosures could not be avoided. It is also because these two reportings are complementary in presenting the general performances of the Company that have a direct impact on the so-called 4P elements, which are Profit, People, Planet and Product.

Finally, this report is also pursuant to the Company’s transparency principle in connection with the disclosures of its results of operations as they relate to sustainable development over the long-term future.