HRC Development

Human resources constitute one of the Company’s prime assets that directly influence performance. For that reason, the Company places a strong emphasis on HR competence through continuous capacity enhancement and motivation

Personnel Composition

As of year-end 2013, ADHI had a total of 1,960 personnel who are classified into the following categories: 231 corporate employees, 1,094 work-unit employees and 635 contract employees. Based on the management level, general managers numbered 22 employees, managers numbered 758 employees and staff totalled 1,180 employees.

HR Training and Development

Training serves as a significant means for employees to partake in – in order to maximize Company performances. The Adhi Learning Centre (ALC) remains the key focus of the HRC Division in enhancing employee skills and competences in their respective fields. Training is given under the direction of the Company, with materials that are suited for the requirements of respective job positions and assignments. As an education and training center, ALC provides functional based trainings to employees in order to align their competences with the job at hand. The HRC Division takes part not only in career training and development, but also within the Company’s general affairs. The work environment is a critical factor for employees’ satisfaction in performing their duties and responsibilities. The Company is committed to facilitate a working environment that is both conducive and productive in order to maximize employee outputs. The Company provides a common canteen to facilitate socialization among the employees, thus promoting camaraderie and strengthening the team spirit.

The establishment of ALC as an internal training center for ADHI personnel in 2011 has enabled the HR Division to be more focused in providing its functional-based training programs. The training curriculum is aimed at equipping every employee with the skills and competences needed for their job descriptions. In developing this curriculum, ALC also undertakes post-training evaluations of trainees to ensure the effectiveness of the training programs. The competency modules that are developed for the taining programs include behavioral competence and hard-skill competence that must be part of the generic skill set of every employee, and therefore shed light on their behavioral pattern.

Throughout 2013, the HR Division carried out more structured training and development programs for employees than those of previous years. Through ALC, training programs can be carried out internally under the coorcination of the HR Division, eliminating the need to rely on external training premises and thereby reduce training expenses.

The placement of employees is initially commensurate with their level of competency. After two years of training, employees can develop their own careers. Management trainees can choose to follow a specialist career path or a structural career path. But whaterver the choice, the Company will ensure their career development will be continuous as long as the individual maintain his or her utmost performance.