Corporate Value

Working Smart

Is the core capabilities and productivity of ADHI. To cope with the increasingly intense competition in the construction industry, EPC, and infrastructure investment, ADHI encouraged all ranks to be able to work smart and fast, promoting innovation and efficiency that is based on an entrepreneurship spirit. The other aspect of these values is that each ADHI person is adaptive to change.

Honest and Responsible

has a meaning in the work, that every human being of ADHI must prioritize honesty accompanied by a sense of responsibility. In any implementation of its business activities, the people of ADHI required to work with an open and fair manner, accompanied by the awareness of the behavior of each of them without harming themselves and others.


Is the essence of proportionate behavior principles. ADHI person also possess simple (down to earth) and modest (not arrogant) attitude to create conducive working environment. These values would generate good relationship with surrounding environment, to colleagues, competitors, and public. So that ADHI can be a leading construction company